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rust - Is it possible to populate a large set at compile time?

We have a 'delete all my data' feature. I'd like to delete a set of IPs from many many web log files.

Currently at runtime I open a CSV with the IP addresses to delete, turn it into a set, scan through files, and execute the delete logic if log IPs match.

Is there any way I can load the CSV and turn it into a set at compile time? We're trying to migrate things to AWS lambda, and it's nifty to have only a single static binary to deploy with no dependencies.

See Question&Answers more detail:os

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The Rust-PHF crate provides compile-time data structures, including (ordered) maps and sets.

Unfortunately, to date, it does not support initialization of a set of std::net::IpAddr, but can be used with static strings:

static IP_SET: phf::Set<&'static str> = phf_set! {